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Q. How easy is Chessmaster 11th edition to pick up and play for those new to the game?

A. Never has Chessmaster been easier on the novice player - by following Josh Waitzkin's new chess tutorial (inspired by his recent book The Art of Learning), players are gradually taught all the intricacies of the game. In addition, new players can sharpen their chess skills by playing through the new chess puzzles included in the game.

Q. What features will appeal to more skilled and advanced chess players?

A. Ranked play, tournaments, and the inclusion of 900 famous games are all aimed at enhancing the skills of the veteran player. Attack chess commentary by grandmaster Larry Christiansen is also something experienced players can look forward to. In addition, advanced players can play against an AI at a grandmaster level.

Q. What's different in the Nintendo DS™ system version?

A. A lot. The Nintendo DS system version features an exclusive player profile system allowing players to customize their Chessmaster experience. Players can create their very own avatar to represent themselves in the game - there are 120 unique avatars in all. Each profile will also track mini-game progress, program ratings, and Elo ratings. Multiplayer is also enhanced through the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection.

Q. What is The Art of Learning?

A. The Art of Learning is Josh Waitzkin's groundbreaking new book about his philosophy of learning. The eight-time national chess champion and two-time martial arts world champion shares his methods for learning and improving skills in any subject.

Q. Can I play Chessmaster with my friends?

A. Whether you're playing Chessmaster XI on the Nintendo DS system or the PC, multiplayer is fully supported.

Q. What multiplayer options does Chessmaster 11th edition support?

A. In the PC version, players can set up their own LAN or take their game to the Internet. Ladder matches, tournaments, and exhibitions are fully supported. Players also have the ability to sit in on games, and learn from other players. On the Nintendo DS system, players are welcome to play against each other via the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection.

Q. What does the Elo rating represent?

A. The Elo rating represents the player's individual progress tracked throughout the game, and ranked by international chess master Josh Waitzkin.

Q. When will Chessmaster 11th Edition be available at retail stores?

A. Expect to see the game on retail shelves this November. Or you can shop online at www.ubi.com.

Q. What's new in this edition?

A. An all-new Nintendo DS system version offers players complete customization, and allows them more immersive control via the touch stylus interface. International chess master Josh Waitzkin furthers the Chessmaster 11th edition experience by offering new insights from his book, The Art of Learning. Other new features include:

  • Brand-new luxury chess sets from House of Staunton.
  • Chess tutorial from Josh Waitzkin's groundbreaking book, The Art of Learning.
  • New chess puzzles, mini-games, and variants.
  • Rayman Raving Rabbids™ chess set.
  • 900 famous games for the player to review and analyze.

Q. Do I need a 3D video card to play this game?

A. For the PC version, a DirectX® 9.0c-compliant video card with 32 MB RAM is required (128 MB is recommended).

Q. What kind of PC system do I need to play Chessmaster 11th edition?

A. The supported OS is Windows® Vista® Windows® XP (only) with a 1 GHz Pentium® III processor and 256 MB of RAM (512 MB recommended). For more details on the system requirements, please visit the System Requirements section of the website.

Q. Is there a Mac version of Chessmaster 11th edition?

A. At this time there is no version available for the Mac for the 11th edition of Chessmaster.

Q. Is there an Xbox version of the game planned?

A. Nothing has been announced at this time.

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